The Restaurants & Meals that you can choose from:

Friends&Burgers: Cheese & Onion Meal

Momento:  Wasa Runway Momento speciale Pepperoni, fried onions, mushrooms. 

JUKU:  Sushibuffé mon-fri  from10.30-16  and on Saturday's from 16-21  #44 GYOZA (L)  OR I #26 vegan selection (G, L)  (10 pieces of sushia 6 kappamakia, 2 avckado nigiriä, 1 tofu nigiri, 1 wakame gunkan) 

Espresso House :  Salad meal to choose from Salad (chicken ceasar or salmon ) including bread or  Salad (chicken ceasar or salmon) and a small hot beverage from the menu. 

Cafe Espen:  Salad & piece of bread. 

You will recieve an confirmation email with your order and your choice of restaurant. This email will serve as your meal voucher and needs to be shown at the restaurant when claiming your meal.  The meal voucher is valid until 31/12/2021.