Abous Us

Wasa Runway was imagined and created by Erica Nieminen and Ivonne Ruiz Olate, behind Stilrent
Creative Agency. The entrepreneur duo started out as a clothing rental company, with fashion and
sustainability at the heart of their business, that was launched just weeks before the global pandemic
broke loose. When the events calendar was non-existing, and the beautiful dresses meant to be
spreading joy instead were patiently hanging on the wracks, Erica & Ivonne focused on constantly
innovating in new ways to create business and one thing led to another and the team reinvented
their business into a creative agency, which is a natural continuation of their prior professional




Wasa Runway Assistants
Alexandra Andersson
Karin Wallenius
Emma Andersson
Henrietta Nieminen


Film Production Team
Jacob Nordblad - Cinematographer
Jakob Granfors- Gaffer
Jacob Rabb- First camera assistant




Creative director of Makeup: Valerix, Valeria Simonova
Novia University of Applied Sciences
Vanessa Långkvist
Marika Råback
Felicia Rosendal
Julia Solstrand
Belicia Owusu Ansah



Hair artists
Ekta Salon 
Emma Maris 
Sofia Ekholm
Emma Nordstedt 
Cassandra Airenne
Sofia Furu